Tuesday, June 28, 2005

~*N E V E R*~

"Never Forget to Pray

Never forget to Remember Allaah's Love and Mercy

Never tired to follow the sunnah of Rasulullaah
Never be shy to let those that you love know that you love them
Never pull back from opening your heart to others
Never hold a grudge... bitterness will eat away at you
Never judge another's looks, action or speech
Never hold back on kindness and giving
Never refuse to return a smileNever be vain or full of pride
Never claim to know the truthNever speak harshly
Never look glaringlyNever listen without hearing
Never touch without feeling
Never make another cry
Never laugh at another's misfortune
Never think there are those beneath you
Never think there are those above you
Never dislike yourself
Never dislike others
Never give up on the search for who you really are
Never adopt dogma
Never follow others blindly
Never stop trusting your inner voice
Never hold back compassion
Never give up your dreams and goals
Never get lost in the future
Never get stuck in the past
Never forget there is only now...

and You will be happy"

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  1. farida5:06 PM

    wah bagus banget..maaf baru membaca sekarang..boleh ijin posting di Facebook? sekadar sharing untuk teman2 lain..terimakasih